Gazette Column - 25/3/15

If you care about the NHS, come and join us wherever you live so together we can send a message that we value what we've got and want to keep it.

We've long known the bean-counters of the South Tyneside NHS Clinical Commissioning Group were hell-bent on shutting the centre and would ignore public opinion.

I'll admit it was a blow when Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt refused a review into the closure. But what did we expect from a Tory-led Government which detests the NHS? We always knew in our hearts the Conservatives wouldn't help us.

Over the past five years I've fought Tories carving our treasured NHS into bite-size chunks, ripe for closure or privatisation. 

I recall Cameron claiming the NHS was safe in his hands.  His nose should be longer than Pinocchio's. Fast forward five years of Tory misrule and it's a world away from the better NHS created by Labour.

Crisis after crisis in Accident & Emergency departments and long waits to see a GP, or for an ambulance to arrive, are the painful legacy of a Tory Government that wasted £3 billion on a bureaucratic upheaval nobody wanted or voted for.

The Tories leave our NHS in a mess and I promise you a Labour Government will revive it if we're victorious in the May 7 General Election.

We'll fund more nurses and doctors to reduce waiting times with a mansion tax on houses worth upwards of £2 million owned by a wealthy few who don't pay their fair whack.

So let's show them on Saturday we care about our NHS.  I hope to see you at the rally. 

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