Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency has raised his concerns in Parliament about the need for the Government to deal with the conditions of roads across the North East. 

Speaking in Housing, Communities and Local Government Questions, the Jarrow MP said: 


“The national problem of potholes has been caused by this Government and their 50 per cut to local government funding for tackling it.  While the new money is welcome, it is a drop in the ocean.  North-east councils alone need £1 billion to sort out its pothole problem.  Will the Minister press the Chancellor for more?"


Jake Berry, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, replied:


“Cycling UK estimates that it costs an average of £53 to fill a pothole, so the money announced at the last budget in the north-east alone is enough to fill over 400,000 potholes.  Rather than complaining about it, perhaps it is time those north-east councils got on with it.”


The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey last year revealed that local Councils across England would need a one off sum of over £9.3 billion in order to get roads back into reasonable conditions. It was also found that Councils in the North East would need just under £1 billion in extra funding from the Government to deal with the problem. 


The Government have provided a funding pot where local authorities can bid to get extra cash. However, Mr Hepburn doesn’t think this goes near enough and is calling for adequate funding to enable North East local authorities to properly deal with road maintenance. 

Stephen Hepburn MP said:


“Since the Tories got into power in 2010 the condition of roads in the region have fallen into disrepair and people are concerned at some of the conditions they are in.


“Year on year this Conservative government continues to cut funding for our local councils who are doing their best to provide local services and local road network.    


“The answer I received from the Minister was no surprise but there’s no doubt that over the past eight and a half years the Tories have overseen the destruction of our local public services and facilities with little care or understanding of the consequences.”


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Stephen Hepburn has served the Jarrow Constituency as MP since 1997.

He was last elected to serve in June 2017 and won the seat with a conclusive 17,263 majority.

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