Gazette column - 14/3/19

Tories drunk on power are the opposite of that old “reassuringly expensive” advertising slogan for the lager Stella Artois.


Time after time we see this Conservative Government is annoyingly, distressingly, painfully, angrily, and incompetently expensive.


No Prime Minister in living memory has made as many costly mistakes as Theresa May with the exception of her predecessor David Cameron.


If the Old Etonian toff forced to resign in disgrace after humiliatingly losing his tactical referendum is the worst leader since 1945, she’s the second worst.


Squandering taxpayers’ money is in the DNA of these Tory regimes when the terrible austerity war on working families is costing, the respected New Economics Foundation calculates, households £3,600 a year or the country £100 billion every year.


That’s money we’ll never get back which could boost incomes or virtually double the National Health Service.


Tory leech doctors draining the life blood out of a promising economic recovery inherited from Labour, slashing spending and raising taxes to amputate growth, was a foolish ideological choice by the Conservative cutters.


Everywhere we look we see Tory waste, failure, cock-ups, stupidity and lunacy. The farce would be funny if it wasn’t our money the Tory mob’s losing.


Chris “Failing” Grayling’s a poster boy for ineptitude when Theresa May’s crony was forced to slip Eurotunnel £33m of taxpayers’  cash to settle a legal challenge over the failure to follow competition rules when awarding Channel contracts.


Shelling out all that cash after gifting a £13.8m ferry contract to a shipless company, a firm which copied terms and conditions from a takeaway, leaves us picking up the bill for Failing Grayling’s chronic inadequacy.


Imagine how all that money could transform lives here on Tyneside. We could’ve given the NHS a much-needed shot in the arm, re-opened St Clare’s, transformed schools, built houses or do 1001 other useful things with the waves of cash Failing Grayling sank while he was messing about on the water.


Everything he touches turns to dust when his is no way to run a railway and before he was Transport Secretary he chucked away another fortune dangerously privatising probation with the Government’s own National Audit spending watchdog estimating we’ll pick up a £467m tab to cancel misfiring contracts.


Failing Grayling’s a threat to public safety when all that wasted money bought us was more reoffending under his system.


How he and the rest of them sleep at night is evidence of a disregard for the well-being of voters. 


Low pay, benefit cuts, inadequate housing, poor social care and an NHS pushed onto its knees aren’t victim free yet as the Conservative Government looks the other way and pretends it has nothing to do with them when it does.


We need change, the real change for the better offered by Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.


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