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PIP Assessments

Stephen Hepburn MP has called out the ‘flawed decision making’ that is proving costly to disabled benefit claimants over incorrect Personal Independence Claim (PIP) assessments.

The Jarrow constituency MP highlighted the high volume of PIP claimants who are denied their benefits by assessors before having that decision overturned at a later tribunal.  However, some are having to wait over a year for their case to be heard.


Personal Independence Payment replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people aged 16 to 64 in 2013.


PIP is worth £22 to £141 a week and has been regarded by the Government as a ‘fairer way’ for 1.6 million people to ‘meet everyday costs’. 


However the assessments have long caused controversy and between October and December 2018, 20,935 benefit tribunals were completed with 15,372 ending in victory for the claimant.


South Tyneside Citizens Advice Bureau have confirmed that near 80% of clients who appeal the outcome of their initial PIP assessment are successful in getting the original decision overturned at tribunal.


Stephen Hepburn MP said: 


“Around two in three people in my constituency who have been denied their Personal Independence Payment following a failed assessment have appealed that decision at an independent tribunal and have won their case.  And even before they can get to this point many are having to wait a year or more to have their case heard. 


"This is disgraceful and highlights that the system as stands is not fit for purpose and a complete failure.  These assessments need to be scrapped and replaced by a system that ensures the most vulnerable people in our society are treat with compassion and understanding, with claimants treated as a people rather than statistics.  Instead of making excuses the Government urgently need to enact change and apologise to all of those they have let down.”