Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency addressed Heworth Grange Comprehensive School as part of its annual Celebration of Achievement Awards Ceremony. 

Tax Credit Cuts

Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency has voted against the Tory Government’s proposal to slash £6bn in tax credits.  

Assisted Dying Bill

Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency has explained why he voted against the Assisted Dying Bill in Parliament.

ESA Cuts

A Commons motion condemning Government cuts to the Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) has been backed by Jarrow constituency MP Stephen Hepburn. 

We’ll soon know who the new Labour Leader is. I back Andy Burnham but will support whoever wins.  But in the other longer leadership race how does George Osborne stack up as Chancellor of the Exchequer and David Cameron’s favoured successor?

Trade Union Rights

Stephen Hepburn MP has criticised government plans to make striking workers identify themselves by name to police, as part of the Tory clampdown on Trade Union rights.

Downton Dave has more brass in that posh neck of his than all the bands at the Durham Miners' Gala.

We can't afford a financial "genius" like George Osborne, a Tory 'Chancer' of the Exchequer costing the country a fortune.

Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency has blasted the Tory government’s recent announcement on union check-off and has criticised the plans as ‘callous’.  

Look at the schools near you and what do you see?

LIKE many, I find it very hard not to snigger when the Conservatives have the brass neck to rebadge themselves as a Workers’ Party and claim to care about the North. 

TORY union busters are again attacking working people who aspire to keep their jobs and earn a pay rise.

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Stephen Hepburn has served the Jarrow Constituency as MP since 1997.

He was last elected to serve in June 2017 and won the seat with a conclusive 17,263 majority.

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