SICK Tories are destroying our beloved National Health Service.

It’s that time of year again so the odds are the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas will be back on the box.

Stephen Hepburn, MP for the Jarrow constituency, responding to Autumn Budget 2017:

“This latest Budget was supposed to be a ‘game changer’ from the Tories but the Chancellor’s speech was full of jokes and gimmicks that many will find difficult to laugh at.

“I’m pleased they have finally stumped up the funding for new Metro trains after years of pressure and campaigning. If the Tory Government hadn’t wasted years in delaying this decision, we could have had the new Metro trains much sooner than 2021.

“Extra money for the NHS is also welcome but the fact that they announced half of what the NHS Chief Executive demanded to address urgent funding problems shows that you can never trust the Tories with our NHS.

“The Tories have completely failed to recognise the scale of the emergency in our public services and found no significant funding to address their cuts in policing, schools, social care and local NHS services.

“I can assure local people that I am proud to represent, that I will stand up and hold this Tory Government to account to ensure they fully deliver on the announcements they made this week.”

I’ve every faith in the next generation after visiting another wonderful local school, this time Cleadon Church of England Academy.

Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Consistency has set out his demands ahead of the upcoming Budget.  

What a dreadful dog’s Brexit these barking Tories are making of the most important negotiations since we entered the European Union.

Fuel Poverty

Stephen Hepburn, the Labour MP for the Jarrow Constituency has urged the Tory Government to act after it was revealed that 12% of households in Jarrow Constituency and 11% in South Tyneside are classified as living in fuel poverty. 

What a joy it was to host in Jarrow the brilliant John McDonnell, the man who would be Chancellor of the Exchequer in a Labour Government.

Democracy we value, even boasting the mock Gothic pile on the north bank of the Thames in Old London Town is the Mother of Parliaments.

TSB visit

Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency visited the TSB branch in Jarrow to learn more about the role of the Bank in serving customers, supporting the local economy and investing in the local community. 

Jarrow Hall


Stephen Hepburn MP for the Jarrow Constituency paid a visit to a popular historical South Tyneside tourist attraction ahead of its first birthday celebrations this weekend.


Magicians use a party trick called misdirection to distract us, sending our eyes one way so we miss them sticking a card up a sleeve.

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Meet your MP


Stephen Hepburn has served the Jarrow Constituency as MP since 1997.

He was last elected to serve in June 2017 and won the seat with a conclusive 17,263 majority.

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